> I have been using Evolution for Years now and most of it works great
> though when I use the Auto-login option on my Ubuntu System (i have no
> other) Evolution prompts me for my Keyring Password, so far so good.
> But the Password Window pops up first and loses Focus as soon as the
> regular Evolution Window shows.
> So I have to click into the Password Field to enter my Password.
> That is a bit unconvinient, especially since a Keyboard Shortcut like
> [Alt + Tab] is not working on this.
> My Ubuntu version is 16.04
> and Evolution version is

And Milan answered your question before - see


Bottom line: not an Evolution problem.

The prompt for a password is from the keyring manager, not Evolution -
it is that application that should be keeping the focus, and it is the
window manager that determines where the focus is. I suspect you would
have the same issue if it were some other application that first asked
for the keyring.

From a practical point of view, I suspect the best thing you can do is
to get rid of the autologin. At the moment you turn on your computer,
it boots into Ubuntu, and then it asks for your keyring password as
soon as it needs any sensitive information (not forgetting to click
around trying to get the focus in the correct place); with a normal
login your computer boots into Ubuntu, you enter your password to
login, then everything works. Even without the focus issue, there are
the same number of actions - and you don't use the autologin "feature",
which is an abomination (IMHO).


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