On Wed, 2017-02-15 at 19:26 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> On Wed, 2017-02-15 at 22:05 +0000, Dominic Knight wrote:
> > > My advice is let IMAP be IMAP, use it as IMAP, and be happy.
> > 
> > Or indeed yes, maybe not the _intended_ use of IMAP but I do it here,
> > copying everything into local folders and deleting off the server as it
> > does so. Just how I prefer it I guess. 
> > 
> > create filters based on mails dropping into your inbox so they go into
> > a folder or several on your local inbox after arrival.
> My (rather awkward) situation is this. Over the years I have accumulated about
> half a million messages sorted into about 180 folders on my local machine.  
> Now
> superimposed on this are all the messages arriving in the last few days sorted
> according to different criteria.  A few simple questions:
>  * Are messages arriving via IMAP sorted according to local filters.  It seems
>    that some are and some are not.  In particular messages on the Evolution 
> list
>    go to my local evolution folder, but that messages on the Fedora list are
>    not.  Where is a quick primer on IMAP filtering in Evolution.

There is no such thing as an "IMAP filter" as such. All your Inbox mail
is filtered when it's fresh, no matter where it comes from (you can
also apply filters manually to selected messages using Message->Apply
Filters or Ctrl-Y). However IMAP servers may have already sorted your
mail into folders *on the server*, in which case Evolution will simply
reflect that. You can also choose whether to apply filters to these
messages or only to the Inbox (See Edit->Preferences-><account>-
>Receiving Options).

>  * When (if) I get POP running again will all the messages on my mail server 
> be
>    downloaded and sorted into the proper local folders?  If not all, which 
> ones?
>     Is there some way to force all messages to be downloaded and deleted from
>    the server?

I haven't used POP in years but IIRC POP servers by default will
download all your messages and delete them unless you tell them not to
(look under Preferences for the account), but I could be wrong.

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