I'm trying to use dark theme + HTML as best I can, but I'm having
troubles. I know HTML is not ideal with a dark theme, but most of my
world involves HTML email, so it is what is is.

The problem is not so much when reading HTML emails, because Evolution
makes the background white. While this is unattractive, there is really
no choice, and it works well.

The problem is mostly in composing. When composing, the background
stays with the dark theme. For my own text, this is fine because it
appears as white text on a dark theme background (similar to when
composing plain text). However, the text that I am replying to is often
blue because it is a reply from Outlook. This blue becomes almost
impossible to see on the dark theme background. In addition, people's
signatures (which are often formatted in HTML) show as black text on
the dark theme background (hard to see).

If I ignore these things, the email looks OK to the recipient, so that
is good, but when replying to emails, I sometimes want to read what the
other person wrote, and it becomes difficult.

The only way I can think to avoid this is to have the composer window
always use white background when composing in HTML. Is there a setting
to do this? Funny enough, I think there was actually a bug in a version
of Evolution about one year ago whereby the HTML composer window would
be white background, even in dark theme. It worked much better. Now,
the composer window contains the dark theme in HTML, and it makes

Can I reactivate white background when composing in in HTML with dark
theme? If not, any plans to make this available? If not, any other

I am on Arch Linux, evolution 3.24.4. 


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