I am using evolution for many years now and could solve a lot of mostly self 
inflicted issues by myself. But this time I need your help.

Maybe a lot of the following is unrelated, but its my today's history.

I am running fedora 26 under cinnamon. Today evolution has worked as usual 
before all that. I was trying to improve the time I need to login to my 
account. So I renamed my home dir and created another empty one. I logged in 
one time, it was quite fast. I logged off.
Then I moved the new initial home dir away and my old one back into place. I 
logged in, it was slow again. I did not try to open evolution.

So I looked around and found this file: .local/share/cinnamon/application_state
I found several old session states in it. So I removed them manually, while 
being logged out. Evolution had this entry
<application id="evolution.desktop" open-window-count="1" 
score="4707.4679660797119" last-seen="1382464923"/>
I did also some other hopefully unrelated things, like removing the network 
manager icon.

My evolution data is seemingly still there. I looks like my environment has 
reset itself and forgot the existing data. When I start evolution it starts the 
new user wizard.

I have a working file backup in place. I just have no idea which files I need 
to restore.
I have also found this page: 
But the data there seem to be alright.

Please help! Thank you in advance!
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