On Wed, 2018-03-07 at 14:02 -0500, steve Interdonato wrote:
> When you change (add/remove) inbox title columns to say sender (which you 
> want to see of course who sent you the email) Evolution also changes the
> Sent folder title to the same as the inbox title. And visa versa, if you 
> change the sent folder it changes the title column headers in the inbox
> folder? WHY? This is a bug.
> In sent folder we want to see the recipient, not the sender (who is always 
> ourself)?
> Anybody have a  patch to fix this?

Why would this be a bug? In 3.26.1-1 on Ubuntu 17.10, it says To in the Inbox 
and From in the Sent. If you change it to sender, the sender is
literally yourself.

Are you wanting custom headers for a single folder?
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