Hi Paul,

>Using O365 w\ EWS

>1) When an appointment comes into my mailbox, if I push accept/decline, how
>come the message isn't deleted?

Edit - Preferences - Calendar and Tasks - Meeting Invitations
[ ] Delete message after acting

>2) If I accept/decline, how do I get the option to send or not send a reply.

You don't.
This would be one of my biggest wishes for a future release.

>3) If someone cancels a meeting, if I
>push update, it just says cancelled but doesn't remove the appointment, nor
>does it delete the e-mail showing the cancellation.

This depends on where the cancellation stems from.
Getting a cancellation from an Outlook/Exchange combo, this feature
works for me - except it is a recurrance from a meeting series.

Michael Hirmke
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