On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 15:25 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 20:36 +0200, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:
> <blockquote type="cite">
> An alternative is to just use a distro with better support for
> <blockquote type="cite">
> Evolution (e.g. Fedora), which also meets your VMware requirement.
> OTOH Ubuntu *may* improve general Gnome support in the future now
> that it has abandoned Unity.
> </blockquote>
> </blockquote>
> Just for clarity: it's really not anything to do with Ubuntu's support
> of Gnome per se.  Ubuntu has always had quite good support for Gnome;
> it just wasn't the default desktop in the past.  It was easy to get
> though.
> The problem is that the OP wants to use an LTS release.  Suggesting
> Fedora doesn't meet that requirement; if they wanted to use a rolling
> or non-LTS distro they could also choose Ubuntu 17.10 for example which
> has Gnome 3.26 right now.  As you point out, waiting a few weeks will
> get them a new LTS distro with the Gnome 3.28 release.
> There ARE issues with Evolution on Ubuntu but they're not directly
> related to GNOME support.  Basically, Ubuntu chose Thunderbird, not
> Evolution, as the main Ubuntu mail client.  In practice that means
> Evolution doesn't get updated during a release cycle.  So for example,
> right now the version of Evolution available in Ubuntu 17.10 (latest
> release ATM) is only 3.26.1 which has a number of known bugs which have
> been fixed in later 3.26.x point releases.  Ubuntu doesn't package the
> Evolution point releases, so you pretty much jump from an X.1 point
> release to the X+1.1 point release, never getting the X.2, X.3, etc.
> bugfix releases.
> It's possible the LTS releases are better about this, I'm not sure.
> At some point I'd like to engage the Ubuntu devs about this and see if
> we can do better, but for now that's the way things are.
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Well, for what it's worth, I'm running Evolution 3.28 on Debian Testing with 
the Cinnamon Desktop and it runs very well, as did Evolution 3.26 before it. I 
can't say enough good about Debian Testing w/Cinnamon. I've been running it for 
about six months now, and it's been rock solid. I switched to it because I 
wanted to run Evolution 3.26, and haven't been disappointed with either Debian 
or Evolution.
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