Il giorno mer, 11/04/2018 alle 09.56 +0200, Milan Crha ha scritto:

> On Wed, 2018-04-11 at 09:31 +0200, Gabriele Brosulo wrote:
> > Is it possible in Evolution 3.12.9 (Debian Jessie) to have custom
> > priority for tasks? Actually there is High, Normal, Low and not
> > defined.
>       Hi,
> unfortunately not, neither in the most recent stable, which is 3.28.1.
> The numeric value is always transformed into that
> low/normal/high/undefined UI value (those are still numbers, but the
> GUI makes it these values only).
>       Bye,
>       Milan

Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried adding the "Categories" column,
assignig numeric value from 10 to 99, and sorting by it. It seems
working, it could be a good workaround.
Any suggestion for a better way for sorting more than 3 tasks at a

g4b0, linux user n. 369000
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