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On Tue, 2020-02-11 at 13:53 +0100, ard wrote:
> Just started using evo in a flatpak distribution on kde neon.
> Is there any way to configure the tool bars ?

See "Help🡒Contents🡒Customizing tool bar and menu items".

> Can the 5 buttons on the left pane be resized /removed - I don't use
> tasks or memos.

Not that I know. For existing options, see "View🡒Switcher Appearance".

> Lastly I use pop and retain mails on the server for 30 days, I did
> have show deleted and junk selected, as they show with a strikeout
> are they really deleted, or do they get deleted after the 30 days?

The latter. See "Help🡒Contents🡒Deleting and undeleting messages" a
nd also settings under "Edit🡒Preferences🡒Mail Preferences🡒Del
ete Mail".

> I used to use thunderbird and they went instantly

Maybe Thunderbird has some setting to expunge more often...

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