Hi Tatyana,
Done + build OFED-4.8-20170420-0103.


On 04/19/2017 08:00 PM, Nikolova, Tatyana E wrote:

Hi Vlad,

Could you please pull fixes for i40iw and include them in the next daily build and RC2 if possible?

From git://git.openfabrics.org/~tnikolova/compat-rdma.git

All changes are in the following commit:

commit 03f627f71525d57af09ff7e78b73784ec024233f

Fixes for i40iw which have been included in kernels > 4.8

Thank you,


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On 04/18/2017 09:55 PM, Davis, Arlin R wrote:

    Here is quick OFED 4.8 RC2 readiness update.

    We now have workarounds for remaining bugs. If we can pull in
    rdma-core v13, back out the PVRDMA changes from RC1, and include
    the 3 new released packages, I think we can move to RC2. Any

    Vlad, do you have the cycles available to complete these last few
    items by end of week?

Hi Arlin,
I created new daily build: OFED-4.8-20170419-0753.tgz:
- rdma-core v13
- removed libvmw_pvrdma package
- Updated libfabric and fabtests to the official 1.4.1 release
- Updated tech-preview/xeon-phi/0003-add-the-ibp-client-and-server-drivers.patch
- Updated libibscif-1.1.3.tar.bz2


    ·Board approval process for OFED 4.8 should begin, need approval
    by May 15^th GA target.

    §In process

    ·OFED 4.8:

    §RC2 readiness list:

    §rdma-core v13 release package approved, need to pull in for RC2.

    ·VMware/Vlad, remove “out of tree” patches pushed into RC1.

    ·patches needed beyond v13 release?

    §new libibscif, libfabric, and  fabtests ready for RC2.

    §Bug #2622 – qib: release note update is sufficient

    §Bug #2621 – lustre fails daily builds (try RC1) – not blocking
    bug, update?

    §Bug #2619 – IPoIB with latest FW fails to join multicast group.

    ·MT_2180110032 from 12.18.2000 to 12.12.1100 fixed problem.

    §NFS-rdma backports – deferred until OFED 4.8-1 (confirmed).

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