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Release notes:

OFED-4.8-2-rc1 Main Changes from OFED-4.8-1
1. compat-rdma
- bnxt_en: Fix Max MTU setting on SLES 12 SP3
- qede: SLE12SP3 Backport fix use core min max MTU check
- cxgb: SLE12SP3 Backport fix: use net core MTU range checking
- Remove vmw_pvrdma tech preview patches
- Fixed mlx4 backport
- qedr cherry pick: lower message verbosity
- Update qib backport for SLES 12.3
- bnxt_en: backport for RH 7.0 and 7.1
- compat-rdma.spec: Added compat-rdma-firmware subpackage
- bnxt_en: Backporting for RHEL 7.4 and SLES12SP3
- qedr: Add backports for RHEL 7.4 and SLES 12 SP3
- configure: Add parameters for RXE and RDMAVT
- ib_iser: Added support for SLES12 SP3
- mlx5: Added support for SLES12 SP3
- mlx4: Added support for SLES12 SP3
- ib_core: Added support for SLES12 SP3
- mlx5: Added RHEL7.4 support
- mlx4: Added RHEL7.4 support
- configure/makefile: Rename CONFIG_INFINIBAND_RXE -> CONFIG_RDMA_RXE to match 

2. Updated packages
- rdma-core-v16.2
- fabtests-1.5.3
- libfabric-1.5.3
- perftest-4.1-0.2.g770623f

3. ofed_scripts
- add --with-rdmavt-mod for qib
- Add VMware Paravirtual RDMA Driver as an installable driver
- Remove vmw_pvrdma tech preview install option
- install.pl: Added rdma-core-devel dependency for the perftest build
- Revert "install.pl: Enable bnxt_re on supported OSes only"
- install.pl: Added compat-rdma-firmware package
- install.pl: Enable bnxt_re on supported OSes only
- install.pl: Updated rdma-core dependencies
- install.pl: Remove requirement on the specific cmake version
- install.pl: Added support for SLES12 SP3
- install.pl: Added RHEL7.4 support

ULP and Driver restrictions:
- NVMe-oF (kernel 4.8 only)
- NFS-RDMA (SLES12.2 RH7.3 only).
- i40iw 10GbE iWARP Adapter (kernel 4.8 only)

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