Attendees                      Company
Pradeep Kankipati           Broadcom
Arlin Davis                           Intel
Vladimir Sokolovsky        Mellanox
Ariel Elior                             Cavium
Michal Kalderon               Cavium
Rupert Dance                    SW Forge
Tatyana Nikolova             Intel
Adit Ranadive                    VMware

Please correct if wrong or I missed someone. Thanks.


*         Opens

                    There was a question about hns driver from Huawei on the 
linux-rdma/ewg list. Arlin will respond.

*         OFED 4.8-2 RC1:

o   Release Notes:

?  Everyone asked to review release notes and send changes to Vlad this week if 

o   Test Status

?  Intel completed quick validation across 3 different x86 servers, mlx5, and 
all distro's. PASSED

?  2 weeks sufficient time for everyone to complete validation.

o   Bug Reports

?  Bug 2672<> Fix SRQ 
support in vmw_pvrdma library

*         Working to get fix into rdma_core,

*         will need new stable branch release (16.3) before OFED can pick up 
the fix

o   GA schedule - TBD; 2 weeks if RC1 testing successful.



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