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*Title: SalesForce Trainer*

*Location: Houston, TX*

*Duration: 6 Months+*

Summary: The Salesforce Implementation Evangelist will serve as the
front-line trainer and trusted advisor for HFF’s national Salesforce
rollout.  This individual will represent the ‘face of the project’
travelling to each of our 22 offices to work with a local team of producers
and analysts as they start using Salesforce.  The goal of this team is to
ensure full user adoption of the new CRM system, encompassing 700 users
across the US.  The role will be supported by a dedicated IT team in
Houston that will help triage issues & escalations and will coordinate with
other Implementation Evangelists to accelerate migration.

This dynamic individual needs to be comfortable working with end users to
help prepare their data to be migrated to Salesforce, be able to explain
how to use the core features & functionality of the system (Chatter,
Salesforce for Outlook, Activity Logging, etc) and liaise with the Houston
IT team to share end-user feedback and for issue escalation.

We are looking for someone with enthusiasm, a passion for training and
working with end users, and who is experienced with the platform to help
answer questions or identify enhancements and/or recommendations for
future-state functionality.

Interview Questions - Salesforce Candidate

   1. Scenario-based:
      1. Tell me about a time when you were responsible for carrying out
      end-user training.  Describe goals, measures of success,
deliverables (you
      were responsible for) & challenges.

   1. Tell me about a time when you dealt with poor end-user adoption.
      Describe reasons for low adoption, the plan/strategy for
improving, and the
      surprises you learned along the way.

   1. Tell me about a time when an end-user came to you with a requirement
      where they had already designed the solution.  How did you
handle it, what
      questions did you ask and what was the end result?

1.       Behavioral questions:

   1. What do you find (professionally) frustrating?

   1. What do you find (professionally) rewarding?

   1. What did you learn from your last Salesforce project that you can
      apply for the future?

   1. Do you prefer working with more ambiguity or with clear, spelled-out
      tasks & milestones? Provide examples of type of work and what you
      enjoyed/did not enjoy.

   1. How have you thanked end-users in the past?

   1. Product knowledge:
      1. Feature adoption – describe your process and/or a recent example
      for evaluating new feature/functionality.  What was it, how did you go
      about it, and was it successful?

   1. Lightning Experience – tell me about your impression of Salesforce’s
      Lightning Experience – what do you like and not like about it?

   1. Outlook – dealing with end-users who live out of Outlook – describe
      methods / tools / processes that you have used to get them to use

   1. Data – describe a time that you helped import/update or report on
      data in Salesforce to accomplish a goal.  Describe the goal,
challenges and
      tools used to complete the request.

   1. Logistics & Background Questions
      1. Location, travel preference, # of years using Salesforce & type of
      use/ edition name(s) / solution name(s):

                                                              *i.*      *Ex:
Based in Cleveland, ok with 100% travel, 2 years working with Salesforce as
an Admin, Professional Edition, Sales Cloud.*

   1. Confirm ability to spend 1+ month in Houston, 6+ months on the road

*Vineet Mishra*

*Technical Recruiter*

1 Point System LLC

Unit 103, 206 N College St, Pineville, North Carolina, 28134

*P*: *803-317-2541* *E* : vin...@1pointsys.com

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