This SAP Online course will make an SAP ABAPer expert in SAP ABAP on HANA 
skills, which is the future for SAP ABAP. Glory IT Technologies have 
Certified Working Professional in ABAP ON HANA. *SAP ABAP ON HANA Online 
Training* is delivered in such a fashion that it allows a beginner to 
succeed at operating and implementing SAP ABAP consultant to become master 
in most promising new and promising ABAP on HANA. Check this link to know 


                        SAP Advanced Business Application and Programming 
(ABAP) is a programming language used in the process of coding SAP R/3. SAP 
HANA can perform business calculations directly on the original data in the 
main memory without the need to transform data. When using ABAP 7.4 these 
views can then be imported to the ABAP Data Dictionary. The objective of 
the course is to increase the productivity and efficiency by introducing 
participants to numerous tools and techniques available in SAP ABAP.  SAP 
ABAP on HANA training teaches how to detect and analyse the performance of 
ABAP coding and which features AS ABAP provides for database-oriented 



We stay with you until you get the results you want. If you really 
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