Will try to be crisp and point to point. 

*Excel VBA Issue*: MSXML.XMLHTTP working on one PC but not Other. On other 
PC MSXML.SERVERXMLHTTP is working but process is dam slow. 

Both the PC of same configuration and OS and Softwares too. Checked Library 
Reference file too, but no luck. Even tried different XML versions. 

*Aim*: To fetch InnerText between "h1" Tag. 

*URL for ref*: 

*Description*: On one PC If I use MSXML.XMLHTTP in my VBA Code, it give me 
some tags and text stating "your browser no longer support. Please Update 
the brower(s) bla.. bla.." ((((NOTE: My all the browsers are up to date 
always))....... But if I use MSXML.serverXMLHTTP it works but request 
(.send) is taking very long time to process. 

But in another PC MSXML.XMLHTTP works like a charm which have same 
configuration in terms of hardware and software. 

I am using Windows 7 & Microsoft Office 2007 

I will be really helpful to any one or more if i get the proper solution. 
It will really save lot of time. Its my *HUMBLE* request for help. 


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