Sorry for the previous post. It works, but also contains some experimental 
code which is no necessary, but I think you will see this when you try it 
out and will be able to fix this. If you do not see how to fix it, post and 
I will edit and repost. It is just pretty late here, after midnight and I 
am a little tired.

Thanks, David

On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 9:49:25 AM UTC-8, Robert King wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> I have a very wide sheet and sometimes it gets difficult to follow which 
> row contains the data I need.
> I would love it if excel could overlay shading or a colour to highlight 
> the row and column of the active cell. 
> Ive seen vba code which will do this but it overwrites the fill colour of 
> any cells which are highlighted.
> Is there a way to achieve the highlighting effect while preserving the 
> fill or format settings?
> Thanks very much for your time.
> R K

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