*Job Title:  Java J2EE Developer*
*Location: Durham, NC*
*Duration: 6-12 month*
*Mode of interview: Phonic + Video*
*Client: Fidelity*

*VISA: only GC& USC*

*Job Description:*

Strong Java, Batch and Spring Skills. Candidates should be more local,
heavy US based experience. (at least 10 yrs., Need to have strong API
skills with heavy Java.
Play a key role designing, developing and maintaining JEE-based web

*Primary Responsibilities*

·                     Day to day responsibilities require significant lean
and agile software development experience running team meetings, scrum
iterations, AGILE projects in a fast paced financial analytics environment.

·                     Be able to focus strong technical experience and
project management skills to ensure software product development is
delivered on time and of the highest quality.

·                     Foster teamwork and a spirit of collaboration among
team members and business partners while conveying a sense of urgency and
responsiveness to meet business needs

·                     Contribute to or write concise and clear technical
specifications based on analysis of complex business requirements

·                     Driving product delivery through building innovative
web services utilizing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous
Deployment (CD), supporting your solution from Development through to

·                     Analyzing, describing, and modeling new and existing
business and technology processes with a primary focus on how these
processes manipulate and use the data

·                     Responsible for coordinating multiple development
work streams through integration and ensures architecture is scalable and

·                     Capable of completing OOD and development of the most
complex components of the application

·                     Define, maintain and support Java development
environment and best practices such as Maven, Sonar, and other Open Source

·                     Plays a key role in resolving technical roadblocks
involving multiple technologies

·                     Continually improve quality of development team

·                     Ensures code reviews, unit testing and integration
testing is completed efficiently and effectively

·                     Help coordinate the delivery of technical components
across internal/external technical teams.

·                     Provide technical leadership to more junior team
members of the team

·                     Contribute to process-improvement initiatives in an
effort to maximize velocity for the product team

*Education and Experience*

·         Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience

·         8+ years of software development experience

*Skills and Knowledge*

·         5+ years total OO development experience

·         5+ years of JEE development experience

·         2+ years of Web Services development experience

·         Strong verbal and written communications, must be able to
actively engage other team members

·         Hands-on experience working within an agile (scrum, XP or
similar) development environment

·         Experience implementing functionality using the following

·         Service Oriented Architecture

·         SOAP / JSON / WSDL / XSD / Swagger

·         Spring Platform

·         Development builds tools (Maven / Ant)

·         Testing frameworks (JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test, etc.)

·         Software Quality frameworks (Sonar, PMD, Findbugs, Checkstyle)

·         Relational databases (Oracle)

·         Unix

·  Strong grasp of object oriented design patterns, including those
introduced by the Gang of Four and Patterns of Enterprise Application
Architecture sources

·  Ability to multi-task, manage time and priorities, and meet scheduled

·  Experience with Git preferred

·  Knowledge of Financial Planning applications preferred

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