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 IBA InfoTech LLC is looking for “Infrastructure Automation Engineer” in St.
Petersburg, FL

*Job Description:*

*Essential Duties & Responsibilities:*

Develop and maintain automated, zero-downtime deployment capability

Develop, build and manage complete CI/CD processes and solutions using
technologies and tools defined.

Design, implement, and automate development and deployment workflows in the

Identify process gaps and implement improvements (process/tools) in the
Automation & Monitoring space.

Identify opportunity to automate manual deployment process, repetitive
tasks and streamline release pipeline.

Analyze and resolve application deployment issues and complex
infrastructure resource issues.

Participate in deployment and configuration of the application systems as

Provide technical support for release management by ensuring successful
delivery of releases, ensuring all build and releases check points are
being validated.

Ensures promotion of development releases from non-production to production
environments, ideally for windows and Linux-based systems.

Ensure build quality by integrating with automated tests and code analysis.

Ensure build and deployment processes are following best practices,
standards and controls of processes.

Develop documentation and train product teams on deployment process and use
of CI/CD tools.

Maintaining documentation and scripts describing system requirements for
all build systems

Uphold and improve best practice processes, standards and controls.

Work with architect and tech lead to streamline application build process

*Required Skills:*

Understands modern deployment strategies

Experience with slow network connections and strategies around them

Minimum 3 years CI/CD experience integrating code check in with builds with

Minimum 3 years of PowerShell

Minimum 3 Windows Operations experience

Experience with load balancing experience (i.e. HAProxy and F5)

Experience working in git


Salary will depend upon Interview.

This position is based in St. Petersburg, FL


To apply this post visit this link:*


IBA InfoTech is a global IT staffing and technology outsourcing company and
has been bringing key management solutions since 2014. We are based in US
and have started our organization with a focus to empower our customers
with business and infrastructure services through state-of-the-art

As we have 4 years of experience in staffing industry, our aim is to become
the most preferred business partner of all IT firms who are looking for the
best and quick solutions to their staffing needs. We help them to
accomplish their core business objectives by establishing a global offshore
infrastructure and network.

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