Hi Partner,
Hope you’re doing,

This is Mahesh, Am also US Bench sales Recruiter like you,I am about quit
the staffing so I want sell the database that I have

I have good vendor database of around 40,000+ (Active Database) with
contact number am about to sell it

I have around 100k+ benchsales recruiters database

I have around 80k+ independent resume database.

All the data will be shared in Email which contains Excel sheets,

Sheets are dived as direct client vendors, technology wise vendors and
implementation partners with their desk numbers.

 I am Charging

Rs 1000 for Vendor database,
Rs 1000 for Benchsales database
Rs 1500 for Resume database.

*Note: No Update will be done as am leaving staffing, will be sharing the
data in email.*

Thank you,

Hangouts: mahesh.usd...@gmail.com

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