Interesting.  When I run your script 2 decommissioned Exchange servers show up 
under the ExchangeServer header.
When I run a Get-ExchangeServer command alone they do not.  
So what information are you pulling down that the Get-ExchangeServer alone 
Additionally, everything listed under those 2 servers is either null or "False" 
except for "IsValid" which is "True"


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Run this. (Save as ps1, run in Exchange Management Shell, the output is rather 
voluminous, so you should probably redirect to a file.)

This should tell you where the old server name is referred to.

I haven't tested this on Exchange 2010 in a while, but I think it should still 

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Exchange 2010 SP3 UR17
When I run Test E-mail Autoconfiguration on my workstation everything looks 
good except under the Exchange HTTP protocol heading where it has the server 
name.  The server listed was one that we decommissioned a while back.  I have 
Googled and searched for where this is coming from and I can't find it.  Can 
someone tell me where this can be changed?


PS - Apologies if this is a multiple post - our spam filter seems to have 
acquired a dislike for the list's messages and I'm working on that.

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