Sorry if this posted the first time, but I never saw it come across the
wire here, so I'm having to use an alternate mail account.

Got a problem with dir.edb here, need to see if anyone has a solution.

 Mail server (5.5 on NT sp 6) went down hard.  Brought it back up and
now the directory service won't start.

I ran the eseutil program against dir, pub, and priv and only dir cam
back as inconsistent.

 So I went to run eseutil /r /ds on the file, but it keeps looking at >
c:\exch... when the files are in d:\exch...  I enherited this mail
server when I started here so it makes me fearful when I see in the MS
tech notes that the logs are hardcoded to look at c: and I don't see a
switch to use to tell it change dir, so my question is, is there a work
around.  All of the .edb files are stored in d, not in c:.
I tried backing up a copy of the dsadata file, then moving that to c:.
The recovery util did run, but when I moved it back to d:, it still
errors out.with a 550 error

I've looked on the list and several other sources and have found at
least 4 different ways to possibly fix this, but I don't want to make
matters worse.


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