This seems like a dumb question (being that I should know the answer) but
here goes.

I have a system in which I have the SMTP Server setup.  IIS 5.0.  W2k SP2
and so forth.

The system is behind a firewall in a dmz config situation.  I have the SMTP
component set to route using DNS for the primary virtual server.  However, I
want to route stuff destined for my primary domain straight to my internal

Routing via the firewall is setup.  I can telnet to port 25 no problems from
the dmz system.

Email destined for my domain cannot exit the firewall and come back through
the firewall.

So I setup a remote domain under the primary smtp virtual server for

I setup this remote domain to forward all mail to smart host (internal
machine) to which I can telnet to port 25 as stated earlier.

You will see an entry in the log (event viewer log) for the connection but
no mail delivery.  Review of the smtp logs seems to show connection but no
"To" address.

Seems like I'm missing something simple here but rather than bang my head
against the wall for a few hours figured I would fetch some ideas from you
guys/and gals.


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