It doesnt happen very often and I notice it usually only happens with a reply or when 
I paste text into the message window. But it does only happen with OWA. I have never 
had the problem with Outlook. I had one message that was just completely pooched. It 
looked like it was encrypted. That only happened once and it was on a Notes list. I 
jokingly chalked that up to OWA sending email to a Notes server.

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        We're using Exchange 2000 with OWA over SSL and are getting the same
        problem, hence my earlier post in a different thread.  I admit I haven't
        looked deeply into it, but I originally thought it was our disclaimer
        that was garbled.
        Have you tried using different browser versions at all?
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        I dont have an answer to your question, but I do have one. Are you using
        OWA to send this email? If so are you doing so over SSL (https://)?
        I noticed the strange characters at the end of your message that I
        occasionally get and I am trying to figure out what causes them.
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                how can I set a return message on the mailserver for EVERY
        incoming mail
                on the server?  (Exch 2K)
                Director's orders, not mine...
                I'll unsubscribe to this list for that period ;-)
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