I found this article in the KB but after looking at the date, I assume this fix should 
have been in SP2?

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        I remember it was to do with the fact that Unicode(utf-8) was attaching
        itself to messages sent via OWA on an E2k server. If you look at the top of
        the mail in outlook, its says its in Plain text and UTF-8.
        I found an article on it for someone and now i cannot find it again.
        Sorry, I am about as much use as boobs on a boar today.
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        I dont have an answer to your question, but I do have one. Are you using OWA
        to send this email? If so are you doing so over SSL (https://)?
        I noticed the strange characters at the end of your message that I
        occasionally get and I am trying to figure out what causes them.
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                how can I set a return message on the mailserver for EVERY incoming
                on the server?  (Exch 2K)
                Director's orders, not mine...
                I'll unsubscribe to this list for that period ;-)
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