Wow did I mess up...

I cut all of our users over to a new Exchange 2000 server from 5.5 last week. That 
went fine. I followed all the instructions for shutting down the 5.5 server once and 
for all and did so today. I should have tested a bit more - once I deleted the 5.5 
server from the organization I realized that only some of the 5.5 public folders had 
replicated. Problem #1  is I need to get some of that Public Folder data back. I 
welcome your suggestions on how to do so.

Here is the plan I am working on (and problem #2) - build a 2000 server off the 
network,  as its own domain (to keep computer name, domain name the same, etc for the 
restore), install Exchange 5.5 SP4, and then restore the 5.5 files from tape to this 
server - does this make sense to all of you? Or do you have a better idea?

Problem #2 is I can't get active directory to install as it is not connected to the 
internet and reports a DNS error trying to resolve the FQDN. I have installed DNS and 
made this server the SOA and NS and a host record, as well as the default gateway and 
primary DNS server. Any ideas on how to get this working? Am I just missing an SOA 
record that has only single period in it or something like that? Thanks for your help 
- I really want to be home for Christmas ;-)

Timothy Hooks 

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