Have you looked at the properties of the group(s)?  Are all the mail
properties correct?

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-Server: Single Server, Member (not DC), E2K (native), SP1,  post SP1
fixes : Q306882engi386.EXE WEB Client Fixes, Q303451engi386.EXE - Store

-Domain: Single (1) Domain (native), Win2K, SP2

Just completed E5.5 -> E2K in-place upgrade.  SP1 ADC used.

Emails sent to "old" Distribution Lists (E5.5s ADC migrated) seem to be
getting stuck in the "Messages awaiting directory lookup" Queue.  I say
"seem to be" because it's the only queue you can't enumerate, but it
goes up by 1 every time I send a test message to an old Distribution
list. DLs (I should be saying "Group" instead of DL now for E2K) are

If I create a new Email enabled USG it works fine, message is delivered
to members.

If I trace one of the Emails sent to an old Group, it will end with the

SMTP: Message Submitted to Categorizer

Turning up logging I get the following events after sending to an old

Source MSExchangeTransport
Category: Categorizer
Event ID: 6005
The categorizer is unable to initialize.  The error code is '0xc004055e
: 0x00000003'.

This followed by several:

Source MSExchangeTransport
Category: Categorizer
Event ID: 6005
The categorizer is unable to categorize messages due to a retryable

What I've tried:

-"Force Connection" for the queue. It's "Connection State" is "Retry".

-I've moved the server from pointing to one GC to another one in our
domain.  I removed GC from the previous DC server, synched, rebooted it.
And also rebooted the E2K server.  And tried "Force Connection" again.

-SMTP Email is working fine in and out of the Server. Email to any of
the individuals on the list is fine. It's just the older lists.  FYI:
Many of these older lists were used in E5.5 for Public Folders
restrictions, and the PFs came across just fine with no ACL errors.  We
were in Native mode before installing the ADC.

Thank you,
Brent Allen

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