A couple of things we've found over the last few weeks:

1. Two E2k servers connected by a RGC.  Select the "disable public
folder referrals" checkbox on the RGC to stop users accessing public
folders on the other server.  Doesn't work, even with SP1.  Known
problem with Microsoft, Q303332 (this is not a public article though) -
the hotfix works, but is also included in SP2.

2. Two E2k servers connected by a RGC.  These servers are in a different
Admin Group to the Admin Group that contains the actual RGCs.  The
downstream server is administered by a user configured as a "View Only
Administrator".  The RGC is configured to connect at set intervals.  The
VOA can manually force a connection of queued messages, and this works!
I'm not sure whether this should be the case or not, but I wouldn't
expect a VOA to be able to do this.  Tested on SP1, yet to test this on

3. When viewing queued messages (queued on a RGC) in ESM, all messages
appear as priority "normal" no matter what priority they have been sent
at.  This is still the case with SP2.  By the way, the messages are
still delivered with the correct priority, it's just ESM's capability of
displaying the priority that's a problem.

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