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Subject: Why Outlook establishes multiple connections to multiple Exchange

This is the output from netstat -a. Why Outlook opens so many RPC
connections to multiple Exchange servers even though only mailbox is
configured in Outlook profile? 

The problem we have encountered here is kind of strange to us. We moved all
mailboxes and public folders from one server (EXCH01) to another, then we
powered off EXCH01 (the plan was to delete it from the site to retire it),
we wanted to wait for couple days to see if everything went okay. Users that
their mailboxes were moved complained Outlook login process took a long time
and run very slow. Run netstat on the user's machine. We found Outlook still
wanted to talk to EXCH01. The only way to solve this slow performance
problem is to power EXCH01 back on. Now we have powered it on and users said
the slow performance problem is gone. Not sure why Outlook still needs to
talk to the old home server EXCH01. There is nothing on EXCH01. Anyone has
similar problems or experiences please advise. Thanks.

C:\>netstat -a

TCP    WKS001:3728      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3729      EXCH03:1043  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3730      EXCH03:1043  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3731      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3733      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3734      EXCH03:1043  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3735      EXCH03:1043  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3736      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3738      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3739      EXCH03:1058  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3742      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3743      EXCH03:1058  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3744      EXCH02:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3745      EXCH02:1078  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3746      EXCH04:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3747      EXCH04:1055  ESTABLISHED
TCP    WKS001:3748      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3749      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3750      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3751      EXCH03:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3752      EXCH01:epmap  TIME_WAIT
TCP    WKS001:3753      EXCH01:1063  TIME_WAIT

Phillip Yan
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