Dear People: I haven't used the forum for quite a while and forgive me if I
am asking a question that was previously asked (I couldn't find anything in
the archives). Here is the question: Is there a rule of thumb for number of
Exchange support people per mailbox? per server? per number of users? What
is your support scenario? In other words how many servers/users/Exchange
professionals in your company?
        Our specific case is as follows: We maintain 17 servers with around
15,000 accounts and give support to other sites (around 8 more servers). In
the support we include day to day operations (backups, scanMail, outlook
problems, outlook programming (VBA), etc). We are 2.5 people (including one
technical manager) and we think we are under staffed. We are planning to
approach Management for more bodies. Your input will allow us to support (or
not support, so we stay quiet) our requests. Your help is greatly


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