I have an Exchange 2000 box sp2 that is having an OWA access problem.
All IE clients 5.0 and up (which use Kerberos Authentication) do not get
full access to mail folders.  When one of these clients connects, two
messages pop up stating (an internal server error has occurred).  No
items in the inbox appear and the (folders button) doesn't work.  The
only Icon that really works is the Calender, address lists also work.

I'm not testing through a firewall and this is not a frontend-backend
server situation.  Just a lan connection through 1 switch.

IE 4.0 and Netscape connect and work normally although it's the pre sp2
look and feel.

My pc and server times are synced.

Permissions to web shares and folder access appear correct.

We do have ISA implemented and I tested ssl to see if the isa server was
picking off dhtml and xml transmissions, but the problem still persisted
with ssl enabled.

The IIS server logs show that Kerberos connections are working.

I really can't tell if the problem is Kerberos, permissions, or
dhtml/xml being blocked, or something else.

Has any one seen this before or does anyone have any Ideas?

Your assistance is appreciated!

Jon Hussey.
Shields Bag & Printing Co.

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