I'm attempting to synchronize the directories of 2 Exchange 5.5
organizations.  In the org which is the master, when I click on "Execute
Now" (on the Schedule tab of the Requestor Config), the following error is
written to the Event Viewer (I have logging cranked up on this service).

CExportData::OpenExport DBExceoption: -1 Driver does not support this
function. State:IM001, Native:0, Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

I have reviewed Q198798 and reinstalled the ODBC drivers based on the
article (the recommendation was to install ODBC drivers from the Office 97
CD, of all things).  Against my better judgement, I installed the Outlook 98
client, as this was also recommended.  I've rerun performance optimizer. The
error message has not changed, and I'm flat out of ideas.  Has anyone got a

Environment:  NT4, SP6a;  Exchange 5.5, SP4; ScanMail 3.6

TIA and best wishes for the holiday season!

Lynne July
Vital Processing Services

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