Especially with the holidays upon us, I really enjoy all those OOF messages
from people too lazy to subscribe to the list in a manner that shows they
know how to work and play well with others.

For those offenders that don't seem to understand, here is a brief
        1. Set up a Public Folder and subscribe THAT address to the list to
receive eMail. See the FAQ if you need more info on accomplishing this step.
        2. Set up your own personal address and set it to NOT receive any
eMail from the list. This still allows you to post to the list.

My 2 favorite OOF's that I received today were from Dan Aalberg whose OOF
was completely blank, and from James Clayton whose message states that not
only is he out, but their entire IT organization is out. Hello...Mc
Fly...that's like saying "please come hack me 'cuz no one is watching the

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