Let me describe the problems one by one.

The exchange server configurations:

We are running Exchange Server 5.5 with Exchange Service Pack 4. We have
configured two domains (DNS) in this server say "xyz.com" and
"abc.com"(names are fictious). We have configured our corporate email
addresses for these domains.

We have configured the server for the "internet mail services" and "NT
user accounts" for validating the users.


Problems for people out side the office network

System works perfectly fine for:

Sending/receiving mails from our office using the SMTP address of ISP
(What I feel is, this particular server may not be having any routing
restrictions as of now, but as and when they bring routing restrictions we
will face problems).

System doesn’t work for:

The people out side the network say in other office  and people who are
mobile(Laptops) are not able to send any mails using their ISPs SMTP
address.(i.e. using the abc.com or xyz.com)

Inside the office network we are using the ISPs outgoing SMTP address and
the system is working perfectly fine.


Problems for the site hosted

The hosted sites in our server use CDONTS to send mails which in turn uses
the SMTP server. When we are doing this the IIS is hanging abruptly.

This problem is temporarily solved by changing the port in the SMTP server
in IIS form 25 to 9025.


Problems in outlook web access

Outlook web access Works for

1. Sending mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sending mail
from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED], Receiving mails from
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Any external domain) to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or

Outlook web access doesn't work

1. Sending mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

For your Reference: 
The DNS server, The Exchange server and the IIS server is on the same

Thanks in advance

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