How many of you did a test restore of your Exchange environment this year?
[1] Frightfully few I'm afraid. For those who know they didn't test as much
as they should, perhaps a new year resolution (and plan to achieve same) is
in order. 

Join me now in scheduling your disaster recovery testing for the new year.
Here are the dates I'll be testing my recovery scenarios [3].

Friday, March 29
Friday, May 31
Friday, July 26
Friday, October 25

Reminders set a week in advance. Time blocked out to allow sufficient time
to complete the task. First test scheduled late enough in the new year to
allow for acquisition of additional hardware and development of test plan if

Schedule the time now or you'll never find the time. As an Exchange sage
once noted, the wrong time to be practicing your disaster recovery plan is
in the middle of a disaster. Do yourself, your employer and the rest of the
community a favor and schedule your practice sessions now.

[1] Rhetorical question. [2]
[2] Definition for Amit Hanji: rhetorical question n. A question to which no
answer is expected, often used for rhetorical effect. 
[3] In my lab anyway.

Chris Scharff
Senior Sales Engineer
If you can't measure, you can't manage! 

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