This is an improper subnet for only 2 networks.  Your using a class B
network and 6 bits from the third octet (252).  This would yield 62 subnets
with 1022 hosts per subnet and a range of 4.  (Check my math everyone).

Why not just close off all the bits for each subnet.  Example:


This gives you two networks of 254 hosts each.

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I'm having some serious problems with my NT domain, have exhausted all my
resources, and don't know where else to look... any help would be


My windows 98 clients on a different subnet are unable to log on to the
domain.  (they are on the subnet)   My domain
controllers and WINS servers are on the  When
anyone tries to log in they get a message saying that "The domain password
you supplied is not correct or access to your logon server has been denied."
However, when I use the same credentials on the
subnet, I can log in with no problems.  The computers on the subnet can log in to another domain which has it's
domain controllers on that subnet.  I've also noticed that the problem
computers (the one's on the subnet) can not use
WINS to look up the PDC (strange), but can ping it's IP and use DNS to
resolve it's name.  However, this doesn't seem to affect all computers on
that subnet... At this point I'm at my wits end... :(

System Info:

All workstations thus far have been Win98

All of my domain controllers are NT 4 running SP5 or higher...

Event logs for DC's show no failed or successfull log on attempts for any of
the users
that are trying to log in from the affected workstations.

All workstations can use TCP/IP fine, but have problems when trying to use
netbios to contact my PDC.

This worked until last week sometime with no problems, the only thing that's
changed is that the PDC
was on ATM with only one elan and is now on Ethernet (Shouldn't have made
any differance, they are
essentially the same thing).


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