Thanks for your help, I'm not an exchange guru (havn't been doing it for
long) and learned a lot.
I didn't need to make the ports static (wide open firewall).
I will push to remove this type of access.
it wasn't permissions (i thought it may have been this because a few weeks
ago I removed an everyone permission from the server container)
ended up removing a couple of hotfixes (including Q301625, don't really
understand how this would effect connectivity from the outside, or not
being logged onto the machine as the mailbox user account). Honestly, I
didn't thoroughly read all the patch info before I applied them (lesson
learned)and didn't document changes well enough. I also apologize if the
info I gave you seemed like crap, I infered alot of things and didn't
understand the problem and bounced around.
Once again thank your even though you think I'm full of )#($.

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