I'm having a problem with my offline address book only displaying the
contents of one of my sites.  My setup is Exchange 5.5 SP4 on NT 4.0 SP6a.

I have 12 sites total.  Each site has the global address book slected in DS
Site Configuration, Offline Address Book Tab.

When remote users try to send messages to anyone outside of their home site
they cannot fined the listing for who they want to send to in their book.
When remote users sync they only get their local site's recipients.

The problem was discovered about 2 weeks ago when one of the sites had only
it's recipients container listed in DS Site Configuration, Offline Address
Book tab.  I changed it to Global Address List about a week ago and the
problem is starting back up again.  I have double checked all of the sites
to verify that the GAL is sleceted.

Should I be looking anywhere else?

Thanks for your help.

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