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"All you need to do is go into your Sent Items folder and create a new
Outlook view with the To field in the view.  Make sure under the Sent Items
folder property that you have "Automatically generate Microsoft Exchange
View" enabled before you create the new view.  Then, logon to OWA and you
should see your new view with all the fields you added." - Tom Rizzo

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2002 12:03 PM
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> Subject: OWA Sent Items View
> Hello.
> When using OWA to access one's email, the view for the "Sent 
> Items" folder is sorted by the "From:" field.  Is there a way 
> to change that view so that OWA will show emails sorted by 
> the "To:" field and display the address to which the emails 
> have be sent?

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