Hi all,

We have a Remote site and a Hub site, both of which contain 5.5 and 2000
servers in the same AD forest.  There is a Directory Replication Connector
(DRC) between the 2000 bridgehead on the Remote site and the 5.5 bridgehead
in the Hub site.  We are moving to a 2000 bridgehead in the Hub site, and
have created Routing Group Connectors between bridgeheads for message

My question:
Is the DRC required when joining two sites with Exchange 2000 bridgeheads?
(I thought a DRC was only required to connect bridgeheads when one of them
is a 5.5 bridgehead?)

Each mixed site would have an SRS so that Exchange 2000 information can be
relayed to Exchange 5.5.  Also each site would have an ADC to relay Windows
2000 information to Exchange 5.5.

A colleague tells me that the DRC is required between sites so that the SRS
in each site can communicate directory information between sites.  However,
I believe that directory and site information is replicated to the 5.5
servers by the ADC and SRS.

Unfortunately I do not have the resources to test this, as I realise it is
a simple thing to test.  Does anyone have any experience that can help shed
light on this?


I have seen two documents that seem to support my case but my colleague is
soooo sure he's right ...
(just below "Figure 102")
2. http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/techinfo/deployment/2000/SixSteps.doc
(under the "Directory Replication Connectors" heading)

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