First, if anyone has a good resource for the bits and bytes Enterprise
public folder architecture, I would love to know of it. I seem to be
encountering alot of difficulties in the area, and am not finding much
material describing exactly how I should be able to expect them to behave
across administrative groups.

Now for the question:

I have a single 5.5 org composed of many sites that is being migrated to a
single e2k org of many Administrative groups.  Aside from my first migrated
site, public folders do not seem to want to replicate.  As a work around I
have taken to redirecting users on other servers to look to the server in
the first site (and replicating the 5.5 public folders there), but I really
don't want users in Asia to have to go half way around the world to find out
what their cafeteria is serving for lunch (not to mention things like
bandwidth and storage space).  Maybe I am overlooking something dumb, but my
head is getting pulpy from beating it against the server rack. 

 Has anyone encountered anything similar? The pub1.edb file does not change
from it's original size, the public folder instances under the first storage
group does not list the folders I tell to replicate.  I don't see anything
in the event logs that indicates any issues, and when I look under the
folder itself, it does list the local e2k server as a place it expects to be
replicated to.

Thanks for any help...


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