Goodafternoon All,

I was informed yesterday that we were blacklisted by ORDB.ORG as they had
determined our email server was an Open Relay.  Well, I verified that this
was the case and proceeded to research a way of closing the hole.  I finally
decided to heed the advice of the following article and reconfigured our
Exchange box

Unfortunately, since that change was made I have had a few ticked off users.
Basically, these are internal Macintosh users using Outlook Express to
access their email.  To make a long story short, Outlook for Macintosh will
not run on their Mac's due to conflicts with some software.  Outlook Express
is configured to access Exchange via POP3.  Each time they attempt to send
email outside of the company, they get a 550 Relaying Not Allowed error

The same issue occurs with an AS400-based web app we are running.  It sends
out email replies to customers who make reservations online.  It too uses
POP3 to access the Exchange box and it also receives the same error message.

What can I do to enable these systems to access our Exchange box via POP3
and not open the security hole that makes our system an Open Relay?

Our current Exchange configuration is as follows:

NT Server 4/SP6a
Exchange 5.5/SP4



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