Hello All,

After all the problems that you've all seen me have, I went and did
a complete reinstall of the Exchange Server.  I mean - everything,
like reformatting the drives, reinstalling 2000 Server, and the whole

What I wanted to do, is take snapshots of a pre-Exchange 2000 Installed
system - so I can compare all of the changes that take place when you
install the EX2K server.

And NOW, I can't even install the Exchange 2000 Server software! - I
can select the Topmost Component in the Installation Menu and select
"Custom".  Then sub tree items like "Microsoft Exchange Messaging &
Collaboration Services" gives me the following error message when I
try to check off the "Install" option:

        "The component 'Microsoft Exchange Messaging & Collaboration
      Services' cannot be assigned 'Install' because:  A server object
      for this server 'Exchange' already exists in the Administrative
      Group 'First Administrative Group'.  You must either remove this
      server object before installing, or run Setup with the 'Disaster
      Recovery' switch if you are attempting this server."

Should I just shoot myself right now?  Just for kicks, I tried the
Disaster Recovery option, and then the install kicked off again, 
selected that Option, then it gave me a new error message saying that
I need to run the Domain Prep crap - blah blah blah...  So I tried
that, it ran fine, then ran the install again, then errored out again!

What the heck is it finding?  It HAS to be something left behind from
the previous Exchange 2000 Install - on the 2000 Server Domain Controller
because it's impossible to have anything left on the old box because it

Using Active Directory Administrator on the Domain Controller, I deleted
the 2 Exchange Specific Groups that were created from the last EX2K Server
Install figuring that's what the Error Message was referring to, but that
didn't fix the problem.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what I need to do, in order to perform
a 100% Fresh EX2K install on a Fresh Windows 2000 Server?  At this point,
I am painfully remembering WHY I avoided using Exchange over the past
several years.

I am NOT giving up though - I really need to get this working, and I hate
spending entire days, on attempting to get some of the most basic features
of the software running, before I can get into all the fun stuff - like
actually adding users, virtual domains, tweaking and optimizing - you know,
actually USING the software for it's intended purpose before I get my butt

I am a very frustrated person right now ... ugghhhhh

Thanks in advance for all your expertise,


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