Hi folks, hope everyone had a good new year. I need some background to
help troubleshoot a strange problem.  Way back when, when we were still
on 5.5, we moved our mailboxes to a new server, and though we had no
problem with any of the boxes or connectivity (thanks Mr. Crowley!) for
some reason 5.5 system administrator continued to list the old server in
it's console, but it was of course unaccessible, and since it no longer
existed and didn't seem to foul anything up, we didn't worry about it.
When we upgraded the server to 2000, the phantom server still appears,
though it is now greyed out in exchange system manager.
I'm not sure what triggered it, but recently our tranaction logs started
growing a a rediculous rate (3/min!) to the point where the HD was full,
IS stopped, yada, yada.  After sleuthing about a bit, it seemed that
every time the MS Exchange MTA Stacks service started, the following
errors were logged in the app log, and then the transaction logs started

A loop has been detected in the message C=US;A=
;P=Juilliard;L=MAILBOX-020102152109Z-1 being transferred in. A
non-delivery report was generated with reason code unable-to-transfer
and diagnostic code loop-detected. [MTA XFER-IN 11 104] (14) 


A non-delivery report (reason code unable-to-transfer and diagnostic
code loop-detected) is being generated for message C=US;A=
;P=Juilliard;L=MAILBOX-020102152109Z-1. It was originally destined for
(recipient number 1), and was to be redirected to . [MTA DISP:ROUTER 11
136] (12) 

so, there is a loop. ok got that. 

Question one: even after these events are logged the trans logs fill up
as though the loop is continuing. why?

Question two: with only one server in the network right now, do i need
the MTA service? My workaround was to stop the service, and everything
seems to be funtioning ok. we do plan on expanding at some point, so i
will need it working properly eventually.

Question three: How do i get rid of the phantom server, doing which i
suspect will fix the MTA problem?

If you've made it this far, and think you have some insights, a thousand
thank yous.


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