Emanger Rocks!  Using the AOL top ten spammer list can reduce the amount of
SPAM you receive.  Filtering on specific works like any other product, it's
what you make of it.  Download it and have at it for 30 days free.  I run
Emanager, Internet VirusWall and TVCS all on the same box.  The reports are
pretty nice too!  YMMV.

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>>>Subject: Trend e-manager opinions/caveats/complexity?
>>>Hello all,
>>>We are looking at getting Trend's E-Manager content filter 
>>>as an add on to our Scanmail a/v product to start screening 
>>>out spam. If you have or are using E-Manager for Scanmail 
>>>could you let me know if you would recommend for or against 
>>>it and if there are any caveats I need to be aware of? I 
>>>have searched my archives of this list for E-Manager and not 
>>>found much other than some people who use it and one person 
>>>who noted an issue but never mentioned what it turned out to 
>>>be due to. I also searched just on content filtering and 
>>>spam filtering among others but still didn't see all the 
>>>info I am after.
>>>We are running Exchange 5.5 SP4 and ScanMail 3.5 on WinNT4 
>>>in a single domain. Although this quarter I plan to get the 
>>>domain up to Win2k so if there are issues with Win2k I'd 
>>>like to know that too. The price for E-Manager is in our 
>>>range whereas Mailsweeper etc appear not to be and I am very 
>>>happy with our Scanmail product but want to get a feel for 
>>>any issues with E-Manager.
>>>I also am curious as to the time it takes to baby sit this. 
>>>If those of you using content scanning software 
>>>(particularly E-Manager but it's probably similar for all of 
>>>them) could estimate how much time is required to sort out 
>>>the non-spam mail that gets caught in the filters and see 
>>>that it is forwarded on to the user it was intended for that 
>>>would be a big help. I'm guessing that it takes a bit of 
>>>tuning of the filters to minimize that but I've no idea if 
>>>I'm talking about adding a 5 minutes a week task to my job 
>>>or a 5 hours a week (or more) task.
>>>Thanks very much,
>>>"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in 
>>>which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." 
>>>-Albert Einstein
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