Dear DL Members,

        On Saturday, I applied SP4 to four out of four Exchange Servers, on
Site.  I did not re-apply SP6a afterwards.  Three are fine, one is still
experiencing a problem.

NT Server 4.0 with SP6a (not a domain controller)
Exchange 5.5 with SP3

NT Server 4.0 with SP6a (not a domain controller)
Exchange 5.5 with SP4

        After applying SP4, I was unable to open any mailbox.  So, on each
Exchange Server I ran the following.

MS Exchange Admin Program
Select the respective Server
Directory Service (General Tab)
Check knowledge consistency:  Check Now

        After this, I can open any mailbox from any of the three Exchange
Servers, but not from the fourth.  When running the KCC on the fourth
Exchange Server, I receive the following message.

Knowledge consistency has been successfully verified.
The knowledge consistency checker is already running.  If expected changes
did not occur, try running it again later.
Microsoft Exchange Administrator
ID no: c1030b27

        On Saturday, we decided to let this go until Monday, in case it took
that long to run.  We get the same results today.

        I ran this message against Tech Net on the Web and did not find any
relevant hits.  Event Viewer did not show anything out of the ordinary.

        At this point, we are going to reboot this Exchange Server at 2:00
AM on Tuesday morning.

        I am wresting with the idea of re-applying SP4 to this Exchange
Server, which is the first Exchange Server in the site.

        Any other ideas?
        Have you seen this before?

Rob Garrish
Exchange Administrator
Wawa Inc.

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