(Exchange 5.5/ SP4)
my priv IS is suddenly growing very rapidly.
I checked the integrity of the priv.edb using ISINTEG and also used
ESEUTIL to do and offline defrag.
The offline Defrag recovered about 1GB (was 19 went down to 18). Now the
IS has grown again about +2GB since that defrag and that in only 8h.
When I checked the Mailbox sizes now and compared them to the mailbox
sizes before the defrag I found the difference to be 27MB only and not

Actually the total of my mailboxes is only 8.5GB wile my priv.ed is now
I have mailbox limitations on most mailboxes and none are unusually high.
I also noticed that the Mailboxes resources Listing shows the Exchange
Admin account as the NT account on many mailboxes. When double clicking
the mailbox it shows the correct account in the details.

What is going on? Would appreciate any help.


Osama S.

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