(Exchange 5.5/ SP4)
my IS is suddenly growing very rapidly.
I checked the integrity of the priv.edb using ISINTEG and also used
ESEUTIL to do an offline defrag.
The offline Defrag recovered about 1GB. Now the IS has grown again about
+2GB since that defrag (2GB in 8h).
When I checked the Mailbox sizes now and compared them to the mailbox
sizes before the defrag I found the difference to be 27MB only and not
Also weiredm, the total of my mailboxes is only 8.5GB while my priv.edb is
now 20.5GB.
I have mailbox limitations on most mailboxes and none are unusually high.
The biggest two mailboxes are 200MB each.
I also noticed in Exchange Admin on the Mailboxes resources table it quite
frequently shows the Exchange Administrative Account as the NT Acccount.
On double clicking the mailbox I can see the correct NT account in that

What is going on? Would appreciate any help.

Osama Salah

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