Did you end up using this software? Do you know of any other software that
performs similar functions (specifically mailbox size and what kind of
attachments are in each mailbox) to the Active folders? I'm not having much
luck, other than this post from you.  I've already posted this (that I'm
looking for it) but figured I'd direct the question to you.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Andy Russell at 8/1/2001 5:56:27 AM

I've been looking for exchange monitoring and reporting tools - the only
half decent tool I've found so far is Active Folders by C2C software

Seems to do all the usual stuff like mailbox size checking, looking for
inactive mailboxes, checking stats for public folders, searching for
specific text strings or attachments within mailboxes etc. etc. 

My questions are;

Does anyone have any good/bad experiences of this product or C2C software

Secondly we're going to go to Exchange 2000 one day - does anyone know what
native reporting tools are already in Exchange 2000 - ie. stuff like the


Andy Russell

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