That is what makes this list great. With out the humor of this list or the ability to 
vent like some of us do, I can envision some users getting Squashed when they call and 
say "the entire internet is down come fix it now" Thomas is very correct. The top of 
the exchange world visits this list.

--Kevinm M, WLKMMAS, UCC+WCA, And Beyond
Drive thru Admin, Would you like Fries with that?

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Subject: Sarcasm makes this list great (Not)

You've got to be kidding...
The excessive sarcasm is what ruins this list. 
This list contains far too many wannabee comedians and scornful nerds..
Previously from Thomas Nardo:

If you can't hack the sarcasm, you might consider a different list (maybe the 
carebears one). The sarcasm is what makes this list great in my opinion. Everyone who 
is anyone in the Exchange world is here. Did you run home with your ball when the 
other kids noticed you had highwaters?

.+x )r뺷  ퟘ   zǭȱr:楞˱m [y z[)rÉ Z Zvh˧+-i٢2̞G(


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