Kind ladies and gentlemen of the list...

I am still experiencing the problem described in the email below and again
ask if anyone else has had the same problem.  I've definitely narrowed it
down to machines running a combo of WIn98, IE6 and Office 2K...  Can anyone
confirm that they've experienced the same thing and if they've found a

Installing the NoHTML DLL off the NTBugTraq site allows OL2K to show the
entire message, but the users are complaining because the message no longer
contains color information (which many people here use to insert


Thanks in advance!


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Kind ladies and gentlemen of the list...

We seem to have developed a problem as of late, and I'm wondering if any of
you have seen it and have found a solution for it...  

A number of our users are using HTML mail. (Let's not get into the arguments
for not using HTML mail right now... I know them, and agree whole heartedly
that users should stick to plain text, but our CEO's opinion differs, so
here I am......)  The problem is that some messages sent in HTML format are
being randomly truncated, usually in the quoted portion of the reply on some
of the OL2000 clients who receive the message.  The problem seems to have
begun after upgrading Win98 clients to IE6, so I'm thinking there's
something strange with the IE6 HTML display engine and / or the way it
interacts with OL but I can't find anything in the MSKB about it...  Viewing
the same HTML message in OL2002 shows the entire message, so it's not really
an Exchange (5.5 sp4) problem, but a client problem...

The clients so far that have exhibited the problem are: Win98 SE running IE6
and Office 2000 (original and SP1, haven't tried installing O2kSP2)...
Nobody with the Win2k, O2k, IE6 combo appears to have the problem (or at
least hasn't complained about it if they do)...

Joe Pochedley
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cartoonist Scott Adams once said. 
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